Room Disinfection Service

Murphy Facility Solutions in-conjunction with our partners SteriSafe provide a full room disinfection service. We provide a Full Depth Disinfection Cycle “FDDC” using regulated Ozone gas delivered through our SteriSafe Pro robot.

Services Include

This technology is EU certified, EUOTA approved and is a member of the ECHA (European Chemicals Association). One unit covers 120 m3 and delivers over 100 ppm of Ozone (80 ppm is the desired kill rate for all viruses including Covid 19).

Sterisafe Ozone machine can be very effective for Covid 19 decontamination.
This system is used in hospitals all over Asia at present with more and more currently being deployed.

During the FDDC process, a biocidal gas is created in-situ. The oxygen contained in the ambient air is concentrated, then converted into ozone (O3). It is thoroughly dispersed in the room. Simultaneously, the humidity level is controlled for optimum disinfection. The gaseous mixture creates a powerful biocidal environment bathing all surfaces.

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Once the disinfection is completed, the process is reversed, and the remaining biocidal gas is turned back to harmless oxygen. During the ozone removal stage, the by-products, such as particles and nano-particles are also removed. The room is immediately safe to re-enter. The room is free of pathogens, chemicals and particles. The FDDC process takes between 1.5 and 2.5 hours. Our company provides a 24/7 service to support the availability of all critical rooms and equipment when required.

Automated disinfection for the Corona-virus

The challenge with Coronavirus is that it can remain infectious on surfaces for up to 3 days and, if airborne, up to 2.7 hours.

The STERISAFE PRO robot, has been tested at the Dr. Brill Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology and proven a 99.99% efficacy in removing the virus from surfaces.

Safeguarding rooms is crucial for fighting the Coronavirus. With the STERISAFE PRO, the room will be completely disinfected and ready for the next patient.


Ozone: A powerful weapon to combat COVID-19 outbreak

By Zhou Muzhi, February 26, 2020

1. Using ozone to kill novel coronavirus

For more than 100 years, ozone, considered a killer of virus in the nature, has been widely used by people for disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, disintoxication, storage, and bleaching thanks to its strong oxidablity.

And because of this, ozone should be adopted as a weapon in the global fight against COVID-19. It has three following attributes.

Full coverage. Ozone created by ozone generators or electrostatic air purifiers can reach every corner of the environment, which can overcome the problem that ultraviolet sterilization can only go straight up and down, leaving some places unsterilized.

High detergency. Oxidizing bacteria and virus is how ozone works, with no poisonous residue. On the contrary, the chemical disinfectant we use now is not only harmful to human body, but also will cause secondary population of poisonous residue. During the current epidemic, the overuse of disinfecting water has been a serious problem that we should pay attention to.

Convenience.Ozone can be produced by simple equipment. The equipment, large or small, can be used for a single room, a large public space, or public transportation modes such as buses, high-speed railways, ships and airplanes.

The effectiveness of ozone in treating bacteria and virus is not only related to its concentration, temperatures, humidity and exposure time, but also related to the strains of bacteria.

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